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Attic Cleanout

Attic Cleanout in Palo Alto CA

Straightening up your attic can seem like a monumental and tiring task, but with our help, it’s easy. We offer professional attic cleanout in Palo Alto, CA, to get rid of your trash and junk for you. No more repeated trips to the dumpster or filling up your valuable space with overfull garbage bags; we take out the trash so you don’t have to. Our team has been working hard to relieve our customers of their junk since 1989, and our testimonials are proof of our indispensable work and friendly associates.

We even extend same-day service to our customers, so if one day you suddenly decide to clean your attic, you can count on us to be there for junk removal on that day. Our crew commits to your job until it’s finished and your needs are met. All you have to do is show us what has to be removed and we’ll take it from there. Your work will be drastically reduced and you and your family will get to enjoy a cleaner attic sooner.


How Our Junk Removal Works

We’re proud to say that our process is clean and green. We recycle 70-100% of the junk we remove. Our approach is cost-effective and environmentally friendly; we load, clean up, and haul away so you don’t have to do anything. Just point out what needs to be removed and we’ll take it from there. We use every disposable method there is to help you save money and spare you the overhead costs of our competitors. In no time your junk will be gone and your space will be clear.

Our workers also take care to exercise safe practices so nobody has to worry about stepping on something sharp or coming into contact with dangerous material. We can make your attic a safe and clean place to be so you can store your belongings up there with ease.


Proudly Providing Free Estimates

If you’re planning an attic cleanout in the near future, we encourage you to call us for a complimentary quote on our work. This can help you know what it will cost to have us remove your junk before you use our service. We’re confident that you’ll find our truckloads and dumpsters the most affordable solution for your junk removal needs. You can reach our team 7 days a week and hire us for same-day service.

Contact us to rid your attic of unwanted waste. We visit homes and businesses all over Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Atherton, and Los Altos, California, and the surrounding areas.

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We appreciate your quick response to our problem. Everythings cleaned up and hauled away.

Laura Alarcon

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